Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Swimming with Sharks

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A secret we’ve kept for two years, and one that still haunts us in our dreams. A secret that, if we didn’t have pictures, would be pretty hard to believe.

It started like this. I was at Day’s Market, our local grocery store, and a week away from the due date of my fifth baby. I got a call from my sister who said, “I know this is terrible timing, but I just got a call from an executive producer at  ABC, who liked our entry and we’ve made it to the next level. We have to send a video by Friday in order to move ahead."

Unbelievable.  Out of the tens of thousands of entries, Shark Tank had chosen Girlie Glue to submit a video. And since we didn’t have felonies (yay for following the laws of the land!) we moved on. I can’t say that I was totally surprised--Katie has an amazing way of making good things happen—and besides that, Girlie Glue really is a unique and awesome product.  Still though, getting chosen for Shark Tank? What are the odds? We were thrilled. And though it really was horrible timing, we got to work on our video.

At nine months pregnant in the beginning of June, I couldn’t have looked more swollen; but somehow, we charmed them anyway. Not long after submitting the video, we were greeted with the good news: we would plan with personal producers, Dominique and Laura, to help us make a pitch, organize a display and choose dresses (a much harder process than we would have ever dreamed).
We made it!
With our travel date set for September, we studied and quizzed and drilled. Businessmen and women quizzed and tried to rattle us. Entrepreneurs  looked skeptically over our pitch and gave us notes. We prepared and worked and when September came, we were ready.

With my  two-month old baby, our mom and Kate’s husband, Lance, we were flown to Culver City, California mid-September. We were ushered into a meeting where we learned about the process of shooting, and how we would spend our next hours and days. We  were advised by lawyers of how deals were to be made and changed after the tapings, and warned that our segment might not get air time, or we may not be able to tape. These scenerios were unlikely, so we moved on to other legal (and terribly boring) matters of business.

Kate and I were slated to pitch on the last of the taping days for the group—which meant we had some time to kill. With a newborn baby and no car, however, that meant a lot of walking across the street to the mall and the food court. Katie didn’t give me a break from practicing our pitch, so I’d try to grab a bite of Panda-Express during her parts.

Finally, our day to pitch came. We were transported from our hotel with a bunch of other entrepreneurs to the studio. Cute sisters from Surprise Ride and the sibling duo of Swim Zip were there, studying and rehearsing alongside us.  Katie chatted on the phone with Susan from Freshly Picked, who’d pitched the day before, hoping to get some insider hints.

When we got to the studio, we were handed a boxed lunch and shown to our air-conditioned trailer. We pitched, while pacing, to my mom and Lance, who would encourage us and try to calm our nerves. 

Nice ladies in a trailer one over from us styled my hair (Kate, of course, brought her own curlers) and put too much make-up on our faces. We were ready to be on television.  A golf-cart took us to the “Tank,” where we were shown how to walk and where to stop. We would stand without  saying a word for 60 seconds, whereupon we would start our pitch. I was terrified.

In the van on the way to pitch.

“We’ll be back to get you in 30 minutes” Dominique said, standing behind our display table. “You’ll be so great!” She and Laura gave us a thumbs up. On our way out, we caught a glimpse of Kevin O’Nealy—Mr. Wonderful. We made eye contact in his rush to his trailer and I gave him a grin.

Back at the trailer we waited, butterflies filling our stomachs.  We waited and waited and still waited, until something didn’t feel right. Nervousness skews one’s ability to judge time, but we were all certain it had been more than 30 minutes. We waited patiently though, trying to stay positive, and rehearse our pitch silently in our heads.
Getting ready in the trailer--check out Kate in curlers!
An afternoon at the beach to kill time (and nerves!)

Dominique and Laura showed up with long faces. “We’re so sorry. We’re really so sorry. This is the worst part of our jobs. We’re going to have to bump you. “ We learned that the daytime Emmys were taping that day and because a few companies took a little more time than they’d planned (thanks Wall Doctor!) they ran out of time.

Can we come back next week? We wondered. What about next season?  But next week was booked with other companies, and next season couldn’t be promised.

This is where my little sister, whom I love so dearly and in whom I have so much pride, broke down in sobs—the saddest I’ve ever seen her.  And my mom and Lance and I cried with her.  I’ve never wanted something like I wanted for her to have that chance. My heart was broken and most especially for Kate.


So we gathered up our few belongings and set pieces and got back in the golf cart and were driven silently back to the hotel.  And that is how we almost pitched Girlie Glue at Shark Tank.  Honest and True.

And just because it seems too sad to leave you with such an unhappy ending—we had a Taco Bell across the street from our hotel—and boy did we live it up there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Girlie Glue in Brazil!

We are so excited to have Girlie Glue in Brazil! We have always received encouragement and support from our Brazilian customers, and we are thrilled to be able to provide Girlie Glue in their own country. Here is a link to the new website where Girlie Glue can be found in Brazil.


Thank you Jackeline! Keep sending photos of your babies using Girlie Glue--it is so fun to see it in use around the world!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kate on KSL

KSL did a great article yesterday about Girlie Glue and how it got started. Did you get a chance to read it?  I am proud of Katie for deciding to manufacture Girlie Glue to sell! I can still remember talking in our mom's kitchen about whether to just keep making it for her daughters to use, or actually make it so others could have something that worked too. After doing research and finding there was nothing comparable to Girlie Glue on the market, she decided to give it a try. It hasn't been an easy road, but like everything Katie does, she's made it a success.  We're so glad you're using and enjoying Girlie Glue too! We'd love to see your pictures--send them our way so we can feature your cute baby on our blog!

If you didn't get a chance to read the article, you can find it here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Bows!

If you're like us, you're anxious for Spring to begin.  It's always so exciting when the first signs of Spring arrive.  I spent the day out with my baby and toddler boys today enjoying the sunshine.  What is the weather like where you're at? Many of you are stuck in the yucky cold.  Let's all cross our fingers and get Spring here quickly!

No matter where you're at, you can bring a little Spring to your house with our new peach felt flowers and yellow vintage bows.  Aren't they cute? The yellow reminds me of fresh squeezed lemonade.  We are adding these to the mix of vintage bows and felt flowers, so if you'd like one or both of them, specify in the comments section when you make your bow purchases and I'll get some sunshine out your way!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Accessories on Fresh Living

Hey friends! Did you catch us on Fresh Living today?  Katie was showing how to make a quick and easy hair accessory or earrings for Valentines!  Did you miss it? Don't fret! You can watch it here.

If you make a Valentines accessory or earrings to use with your Girlie Glue, send us a picture to orders@girlieglue.com.  We'd love to see them!  Have a fantastic Valentines Day!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Woombie Wins!

Atticus was the fussiest baby I have ever known.  He is my sister’s first born, and since everything has always come to Katie pretty easily, Atticus did his best to give her a real challenge.  At first I didn’t believe a baby could cry all the time, but Atticus proved me wrong.  Unless he was eating, he was crying.  Since she couldn’t feed him all day long, Katie started researching.  Katie learned that babies love to be swaddled, good and tight, because it helps them feel secure and safe.  The baby swaddle mimics the life these little ones had in the womb.  And in a miraculous way, swaddling little Atticus up, calmed him.

Katie was expert at the baby swaddle, but some of us moms couldn’t keep the blanket wrapped tightly enough around our babies.  They’d soon wriggle their little arms out and be upset again.  So, you can imagine how happy I was to hear of the Woombie.  The Woombie does all the swaddling work for you.  It was designed by an RN and infant care specialist—which I love, because I can trust it for safety. Not only does it prevent the baby from squirming her way out of the swaddle, it prevents loose blankets from getting close to her face in sleep.  The Woombie allows for natural movement of the arms and legs, but prevents the flailing that often wakes and upsets them.

Babies swaddled in a Woombie look so peaceful and comfortable.  And cute too! Look at darling little Lucy in her elephant Woombie! They have some darling patterns available, so if you're like me, you'll want several.  I’m just wishing there was a Woombie designed to fit me!  I’d never get dressed again!

Pick out a Woombie for your baby here!

Find and follow Woombie here:
·       Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WoombieSwaddle
·       Twitter: https://twitter.com/theWOOMBIE

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where Can I Buy Girlie Glue?

We are pleased to say Girlie Glue is being sold at many stores around the nation, as well as a few internationally.  Here is a list of stores that carry Girlie Glue. Can't find one near you?  Let's work together to get it there! If you know a store that would like to carry Girlie Glue, Contact Ashlyn at wholesale@girlieglue.com. In the meantime, Girlie Glue can always be purchased online at girlieglue.com--where 2 day shipping is always an option. We know she doesn't want to be without her accessories, so we'll get it right out!

BYU Craft and Floral
(BYU Campus, Provo, UT)

(1324 S. Foothill Blvd. Salt Lake City, UT)

Sassy Babies
(144 West 500 South  Bountiful, UT)

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
(1034 N. 500 W.  Provo, UT)

McKay Dee Hospital
(4401 Harrison Blvd.  Ogden, UT)

(32 W. Center St.  Provo, UT)

Pioneer Party
(154 W. Main St.  Lehi, UT)

Kid to Kid (South Jordan)
(10366 S. Redwood Road  South Jordan, UT)

Kid to Kid (Holladay)
(1955 E. Murray Holladay Road  Holladay, UT)

Kid to Kid (St. George)
(1023 W. Bloomington Drive South  St. George, UT)

Kid to Kid (American Fork/Lehi)
(1438 East Main St.  Lehi, UT)

Love Me Little Shop
(13877 S. Magic Wand St.  Draper, UT)

Orem Community Hospital
(331 N. 400 W.  Orem, UT)

(26 W. 100 N.  American Fork, UT)

Riverton Hospital Gift Shop
(3741 W. 12600 S. Riverton, UT)

Dixie Hospital Gift Shop
(544 S. 400 E.  St. George, UT)

Primary Children’s Hospital
(100 N. Mario Capecchi Dr.  Salt Lake  City, UT)

Mountain View Hospital
(1000 E. 100 N.  Payson, UT)

 American Fork Hospital
(170 N. 1100 E.  American Fork, UT)

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center Gift Shop
(1050 East South Temple  Salt Lake City, UT)

Oopsie Daisy
(11259 Kestrel Rise Road  South Jordan, UT)

Salmon Pharmacy
(450 West 800 North  Orem, UT)

Amara Day Spa and Salon
(870 N. 980 W.  Orem, UT)

A Perfect Arrangement
(2889 West 7550 South  West Jordan, UT)

Rock Canyon Pharmacy
(3179 N. Canyon Road  Provo, UT)

IHC Gift Shop
(5121 S. Cottonwood  Murray, UT)

(217 East 2475 South  Springville, UT)

Lizzy Lane Boutique
(3716 S. 1610 W.  St. George, UT)

Bloomies Handmade
(4682 Milo Drive Apt. D Huntington Beach, CA)

Shop Lilliana’s
(3811 Belmont Way  Pheasanton, CA)

Sweet Juleps
(5804 Old Village Road  Yorba Linda, CA)

Kid to Kid (Las Vegas)
(8450 W. Sahara Ave. #105  Las Vegas, NV)

Belly Bliss  
(5761 S. Fort Apache Rd. 2nd Floor  Las Vegas, NV) 

(7345 S. Durango Dr.--Vons Plaza #111  Las Vegas, NV)

The Fabric Gal Boutique  
(3209 Aspinwall Court  Las Vegas, NV)

A Little Lady Shop
(175 Highlander Dr. Rockford, MI)

Misty Nichol Boutique 
(269 Walker St. V3259 Detroit MI)

Itty Bitty Baby Bows
(725 Clarance Court Idaho Falls, ID)

Rapunzel’s Boutique
(2986 South 25th East  Idaho Fall, ID)

Sweet Peas and Mama
(15018 Seacrest Blvd.  Fort Myers, FL)

Sherbert Lane
(6553 Monterey Pt. 203  Naples, FL)

(7524 Currency Dr.  Orlando, FL)

Nini and Loli  
(20335 Biscayne Blvd. L21-L22  Aventure, FL)

Nini and Loli  
(2320 Salzido St.  Coral Gables, FL)

Cozy’s Cuts for Kids
(1416 Second Ave.  New York, NY)

Bangles N Bows
(1358 Boardwalk  Ocean City, NJ)

(5204 E. Weldon Ave.  Phoenix, AZ)

Charlie Coco’s Boutique
(15766 Sherman St.  Lowell, IN)

JF & Company  
(5826 W. 500 S.  Westpoint, IN)

Holly Day Designs  
(305 Timber Lane  East Peoria, IL)

Wholesale Princess
(6447 Heintz Road  St. Louis, MO)

Baby & Me
(3030 E. 20th St.  Farmington, NM)


Creations Rapapoux
(304 LaSalle, St. Paul, Quebec, Canada)

Giddy Up and Grow
(157 Canals Circle SW Airdrie, Alberta, Canada)

Hair Do Zoo
(14-845 Dakota St.  WPG, Manitoba, Canada)

Best Dressed Baby
(#2 808 4 St. NE  Calgary, AB  Canada)

Canadian Crafters Supplies
(1283 King St.  London, ON Canada)

Renaissance Faeries
(2305 Southdale Cres  Abbotsford, BC  Canada)

Charlotte & Co.
(2/91 Hindmarsh Street  Cranebrook, NSW, Australia)

(44 Rue de L’Angle  67000 Strasbourg  France)