Monday, January 11, 2016

Dressing My Truth

I recently met Carol Tuttle at a recent event and my first thought was “She has amazing hair!”I heard her speak and got to know about her program called DRESSING YOUR TRUTH® I was a little skeptical, but interested. I decided to check it out on my own.

Dressing Your Truth is an online course (based on Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profiling system) that equips women to feel more confident and look more beautiful by educating them about the 4 Types of beauty, and helping them express their own unique Type of beauty. Dressing Your Truth provides women with the insights and tools to understand their Type of beauty and learn how to express it effortlessly.

Carol Tuttle (isn't her hair cute?)
I started the course, and was immediately impressed.  The program is not designed to make people follow rules to look a certain way.  It was the complete opposite!  Dressing your truth encourages you to discover your Type of beauty and stresses that ALL body types, personality types, and individuals are beautiful.  This is very important to me!  I feel like we live in a world where it is hard for women to embrace their body, no matter what shape it is, and be proud of the woman they are.  We should all embrace who we are, be our best selves, and live the best life we can. 

The program was fun!  I never knew there were beauty Types and personality types, but as I listened it was fun to discover where I fit in and discover and embrace my Type of beauty and personality. I found all Types to fit me in some way, but there were two that I really felt fit me the most.  I also had fun thinking of people close to me, and considering what Type of beauty members of my family and friends would be. 

 From here, there are courses designed specifically for your Type of beauty and you can learn tricks and tips to help you support your inner beauty. The program gives you guidelines including how to recognize clothing or haircuts that you might be drawn to, that honor your personality and natural beauty!  The courses teach you about  lines, textures, fabrication, pattern, and color that you will enjoy wearing, that will accentuate your best qualities. I loved the ideas for hair, accessories, and shoes!  I feel like I am naturally draw to many of these things and already do wear many of the things suggested, but I learned some new things and am excited to try some of the new ideas and styles I learned about.

The great thing about this program is that it really does teach you to celebrate who you are!  It encourages you not to be anything else, but rather, enjoy who you are, embrace your beauty Type and your personality and let us show in the way that you dress and accessorize!  By doing some of these things and following some of their great suggestions you feel more confident in who you are. Many things are taught and stressed in the program, but the overall purpose is to help you be your best, most confident self—helping you to  be proud of who you are. I think this is a reminder we all need.

Look beautiful, feel confident!  You can get a free 8-part video course today!  This is what you will learn for free:

Find your best Features-
Meet the 4 Types of Beauty
Discover your Natural Strengths
Have some Facial Profiling Fun
Identify your Type of Beauty
Bring out your True Beauty
Get Great Style that is Right for you!
Learn your Type and Love it!

I think Dressing your Truth is an amazing program. It is Empowering!  I am so glad I took the opportunity to “Dress my truth.” We should all be trying to build each other up and allow people to be themselves and love them for who they are! I completely recommend this fun and informative program!

For a free beauty profiling course click HERE!
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Find more info about Carol Tuttle and her innovative work here!

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