Monday, December 17, 2012

How Do I get a Bow to Stick?

If you are like Katie or me, you've asked this question before.  KY jelly only holds for a short amount of time (and it is so frustrating to lose your cute bows!), and everything else didn't seem right to use on our babies.

Katie created her own glue, made from all-natural ingredients found in her kitchen.  She experimented to find just the right combination of ingredients that would hold accessories all day.  She started using it on her daughter, Mabel.  Everywhere she went, she found people asking how to get some of her glue.  So she manufactured it!  Now it is not a mystery anymore.  How do you get a bow to stick to a baby's little head?  Girlie Glue.  You can also stick little fabric earrings to little earlobes with Girlie Glue!  So, buy a tube so you can keep those bows on!

Besides, pulling out a convenient and cute tube of girlie glue from your purse makes for a lot less awkward stares than pulling your tube of KY Jelly.

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